Course Overview

Learn how to take better photos in minutes.

Welcome to your new DSLR! Now that you’re a camera owner, we want to help you learn its fundamentals so you can take beautiful photos and see great results from your purchase. This foundation course covers everything from setup, picking lenses, and shooting video to great effects like blurring to add to your photos.

Landscapes and Panoramas

The DSLR fundamentals course will also show you how to capture stunning photos of the big, wide universe. Learn the types of panoramas, including how to take spherical panoramas, the best settings for great landscape pictures, and the exact equipment you’ll need.


Some call it the hardest photos to take, but after the DSLR fundamentals course you’ll be snapping portrait photos like a pro. Portrait photos are an intimate experience, and we’ll show you how to capture every emotion. We’ll walk through focusing and blurring techniques, the best angles to shoot, and types of colors to gravitate towards.

Macro Photography

Portray nature like never before with step-by-step lessons on taking extreme-close up photography. Capture crazy big shots of tiny objects as we walk you through the lenses you’ll need, lighting, add-ons you’ll need to purchase, and how to be patient and wait for the right shot!

This DSLR Camera Fundamentals course includes:

So much great content!

  • 20 interactive worksheets

    Each chapter comes with a worksheet to help plan your best shots.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Not completely satisfied with Snap! Photography’s Fundamentals course? The course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

  • Discounts on Future Purchases

    Use your course code to get discounts on future Snap! Photography Co. cameras and products!

Course curriculum

Course Content

    1. Equipment walkthrough and checklist

    2. What kind of photos do you want to take?

    3. Taking your first shot

    4. Buying lenses for your new DSLR

    5. Video tutorial: shooting basics

    1. Macro Photography 101

    1. Blur Lens Effects

    1. Shutter Speed Basics

    1. Exam

About this course

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What People Are Saying About This Course

“What a great way to learn a new camera! I love that Snap! Photography Co. gave me this course FREE when I bought my DSLR. I’m really into macro-photography and this course gave me whole new insights!”

“As a lifestyle blogger, I really wanted to learn how to use my DSLR to take better photos of people and places. Even the first chapter gives you so much information that I still use every day!”

“My company does tons of nature shoots, and as a nature photographer I needed to know how to use my new DSLR in the best way to impress my boss. It totally worked! The lesson on shooting spherical panoramas was insane!”

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Bio:

Stuart is a prominent nature photographer who has been featured in SplashPhoto Mag, CameraToday and has won multiple awards for his landscape series on Yosemite’s El Capitan. His favorite camera to this day is his first DSLR, and he’s excited to teach you the ins and outs of this wonderful camera.

Stuart Green

Senior Instructor

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Snap! Photography Co. doesn’t just want to sell you good cameras. We want to help you learn how to be the best photographers you can be. That’s why we’ve created fundamental courses along with your camera purchase so you can learn to take those spectacular photos you’ve always wanted to. Who knows? Your picture could be a desktop background someday!